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What I'm Watching


I've gotten into the habit of watching a little something during lunch at work. I stuff my earbuds into my ears and fire up Starz or Netflix or Britbox or Prime Video or whatever (I have a lot of streaming apps, evidently), select a show, and escape from work for an hour. These are all shows that Joe has no interest in, so lunch is the perfect time to watch. (Thanks, unlimited data!)

My lunchtime viewing has included Outlander, Vanity Fair, The White Queen, The White Princess, Jamestown, The World's End, Black Sails, Poldark - you may detect a historical costume drama theme. And you'd be right!

However, I am currently watching two different sorts of costume drama - Orange Is The New Black and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I watch OITNB at lunch - I realized that when I watched it in the evening, I had prison dreams. I do not need to have prison dreams. Joe usually goes to bed before I do, so I can watch Mrs. Maisel then.

When Joe and I watch TV together, we're watching hockey or Britbox shows, especially the hilarious game shows on the Britbox Panel Channel. These are wonderful shows! My favorites are Would I Lie to You?, hosted by Rob Brydon, and As Yet Untitled, hosted by Alan Davies. On WILTY, the two teams must determine whether a panelist's story is the truth or a lie. The wit is quick on this one! On As Yet Untitled, Alan Davies has a conversation with a group of comedians - the stories are wonderfully funny! At the end of the show, the group decides on a title for that episode based on the conversation.

Of course, I'm waiting (im)patiently for Season 5 of Outlander. Come on, February!

What are you watching?