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Three Big Tops

It's getting late, but I still have a few minutes to post a Holidailies entry!

I mentioned in my first post that I've seen three circuses this year - they were all wonderful and magical and fabulous. And they were all under a big top, which just adds to the magic.

Big tops have come a long way since I performed under them. The big top on my first show was big enough for three rings underneath. It was oblong and had orange and white stripes. The other covered one ring. It was rectangular and had blue and red stripes. Both were leaky - when it rained hard, water would collect on the top and the canvas would sag alarmingly. On summer days it could get suffocatingly hot under the big top.

Now big tops are made of polyester or vinyl, pretty much weatherproof, and even air conditioned. They're lovely as well, with patterns and swirls and color.

But they're still big tops.

Here's the colorful big top from Cirque du Soleil's Avaluna.


And this is the gorgeous Big Apple Circus big top.


Finally, here's the beautiful blue and white big top of Cirque Italia.


Do yourself a favor and go to the circus!