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Sketchbook Challenge


I've supported a few crowd-funded projects - a documentary about my favorite radio station, a hilarious game, a modern word processor for distraction-free writing - you know, the usual sorts of things.

I was checking on one of them when I noticed a quirky project from artist Lora Zombie called the Sketchbook Challenge. Now, I am not an artist. Yes, I've done some pretty Zentangle tiles, but I am not an artist. This project is for everyone; it's meant to nurture creativity. I backed it in September. The finished product arrived two days ago and I am delighted.


The book itself is beautiful. I got the signed collector's edition, which includes three signed mini-prints. I love them.

The sketchbook contains over 30 challenges that you complete in your own way. Here's the first one.


In the back of the back are illustrated pages with some - dare I say it? - inspirational mini-essays. I like them, and that's coming from someone with inspiration overload.

I don't expect to become and artist by doing this. I hope to have some fun exercising a different creative muscle. After NaNoWriMo and Holidailies, a wordless endeavor might make a nice change, even if it's all stick figures and doodles.