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Report Card


This is my Gramma's high school report card. Check out the date of the school year: 1900-1901!


Gramma was 18 in 1901, so I'm guessing that she was a senior. It appears that she graduated from Eastern High School. She didn't have a very heavy course load - just History, English, French, and Latin. Oh, and Neatness. Neatness? I wonder what the syllabus was for Neatness - Dusting, Polishing, Tidying? What do you think?

No science or math for my Gramma in senior year! I'm quite sure that was due to my great-grandfather believing that ladies should not study those manly subjects.

And check out the grading scale:

  • F for "Fair"
  • G for "Good"
  • E for "Excellent"
  • D for "Deficient"

Good to see that she improved in her subjects as the year progressed. Her Spelling was quite good, and I'm pleased to see her Satisfactory marks in Neatness and Deportment.