At Least He Didn't Use A String Tied to a Doorknob

Holidailies Time!


Not content with having pounded out slightly over 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo, once again I tackle Holidailies! Let's go!

Also once again I've let an entire month (plus two weeks!) pass by without a blog entry. Things would happen, I'd think "This will be a good blog post", and then the thought would slip away.

Here's hoping Holidailies will help! (I say that every year.)

Let's catch up, shall we?

In the last part of October, we saw Cirque Italia, a splendid show under a lovely big top. It's hook is the water feature, with Bellagio-like sprays that are illuminated with laser lights as the acts perform in the (dry) center of the ring. The acts were great and the clown duo was delightful. That makes three circuses we've seen this year!

We also saw Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live, which was a completely fabulous show with Joel Hodgson and the Bots. It even had a circus theme for the in-between bits! And, the movie itself was a complete stinker: a Karate Kid ripoff called No Retreat, No Surrender, tailor made for riffing. My favorite bit was when the Spirit of Bruce Lee materializes to help Our Hero train for the Big Match, and Joel and the Bots yelled "NOT EVEN CLOSE!"

Then I went to my All-School High School Reunion. What a hoot! My Class of 1970 had eight classmates attend, which isn't bad for a class of 65. There were women from as far back as 1950 - my older sister was there with some of her classmates from the Class of 1954. The was a nice lunch, and lots of gabbing, and a program; and then my classmates adjourned to a local Irish pub for more gabbing, eating, and drinking. Too many of us shared stories of cancer and chemotherapy, but we are all healthy and thriving, so go us!

At the end of October, we went to our first AARP event - a lecture by the real life Catch Me If You Can man, Frank Abagnale. While the subject of the lecture was how to avoid identity theft and other scams targeted to elders, Abagnale also told the story of his life, which was pretty much identical to the movie. I did think it was amusing that the event was held in the exhibit hall at the Valley Forge Casino. Heh.

And so we come to November!

I decided at the last second to go ahead and dive into National Novel Writing Month, so this effort was a complete pantser. I know there are folks who sniff at Nano, but you know what? Girl Clown wouldn't exist without it. Personally, I think that anything that inspires people to write is a good thing, so there. Anyway, there are some decent bits in the thing, I think, including one nice sexy bit, if I do say so myself. No, I won't share it.

NaNoWriMo pretty much dominated the month, although I did go to the third History Dinner - this one was about The Battle of White Marsh. It's old people fun! With dinner!

But the biggest and best thing that happened since I last posted? SonnyeBoy passed the Maryland bar exam! The results were posted at 4:30 on November 1. At 4:31, I got the following text:


Thanksgiving was especially sweet!