At Least He Didn't Use A String Tied to a Doorknob

September Came and Went

So, September is pretty much gone. It was a good month. Here are 10 things about it.

  1. We started off the month with a trip to Ocean City! It's been over a year since we spent more than a weekend at the beach - this year we managed most of a week. We ate, we lazed about, we went to the beach. I stuck my feet in the ocean, but didn't go swimming or lie out, and that was fine. We ate! Oh, did we eat! We went to restaurants old and new, and  also cooked a few lunches and dinners, how about that. The only problem was that I forgot my meds. Oh, the horror! I tried to get an emergency supply, but the red tape stretched and the doctor's office lolligagged and when CVS received the scrip they had to get the doctor to approve it (which I thought had been done) and by then it was time to go home. Oh well, I survived.
  2. One of my colleagues left the company for greener pastures, leaving behind his fancypants window cube. I mentioned that I would like to move in to it and my boss said, "Okay, you vulture." It is bigger and the window lets in lots of light. and it is at the end of the aisle away from all the people.  I like it. I like it a lot.
  3. I went to the periodontist, who looked at my back tooth - the one I had a bone graft on last year - and declared that alas, it would have to go. So it's getting yanked out on Wednesday and in a few months the implant process will begin. Oh goody.
  4. Joe's 2005 Kia Sportage is finally showing its age and we must think about getting a new - meaning previously owned - car. After all, it has just over 215,000 miles on it. Just one problem - when we paid it off shortly after moving here, the lender sent us the Maryland title and not the Pennsylvania title. So I jumped through some hoops to get an official lien release letter from the lender and we sent away for a replacement. It arrived today!
  5. I had a routine CT scan and saw my oncologist for a checkup. All is well! So well that I get to wait six months for the next one!
  6. Here's a good indicator that we are officially old farts - a local tavern has a series of history dinners, each of which includes a lecture on a Revolutionary War battle from the surrounding area. Yes! We have been to two - the first was about the Battle of the Clouds and the second was about the Battle of Paoli. They are actually really interesting! And the food is very good! So we are planning to attend the rest. I think there are four more. Anyway, I should make a reservation for October's dinner.
  7. GoDaddy tried to charge my PayPal account for several different things - website hosting, domain names, you name it. I got give notifications in a row and almost blew my top. I immediately filed a complaint with PayPal. I tried to deal with GoDaddy, but they couldn't do anything except make me wait 20 minutes on hold. PayPal responded that very evening by saying that the charges were indeed fraudulent - I knew that - and they refunded all the money, even before the charges hit my bank. Nicely done, PayPal!
  8. Joe had another MOHS surgery to remove another skin cancer from the top of his noggin. Everything is fine and he is sporting a jaunty bandage on his head until the stitches are removed.
  9. HAMILTON! Amazing.
  10. Finally, I saw Downton Abbey and enjoyed catching up with the Crawleys. Happy endings for everyone!

And now - October! Let's see if I can more than once a month this time.