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Saturday Nine: Bonanza

Saturday 9: Bonanza (1959) Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 1) Bonanza ran on NBC for 14 seasons. Today it's rerun on Me-TV and TVLand. Were/are you a fan? Not particularly, but my Pop loved it. I'd watch it with him to keep from having to go to bed on Sunday evening. We kids got to watch Wonderful World of Disney, but Pop took over the TV afterwards because of Bonanza. 2) The... Read more →

The Low Down on the High Water

In case you haven't heard, we've been having a lot of severe weather in these parts. On Thursday, it rained. And rained. And rained and rained. Thursday night there was a downpour, which made us uneasy. We live between the Schuylkill River Trail and the Schuykill River. Six weeks after we moved here in 2014, Mother Nature dumped four straight days of heavy rain on us, causing a flash flood of epic proportions. Our apartment... Read more →