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Ten Things That Happened in April

It's been quite an eventful month and I am grateful for nothing much to do. Here are ten things of note that happened in April.

  1. In early April, Joe and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to attend an old friend's wedding. The groom is one of Joe's oldest friends, part of a quartet of guys who hung out together during their high school years. We had a very very nice time! The wedding itself was lovely, but we also had good times exploring a craft brewery and cupcake shop in Savannah, eating at good restaurants (Waffle House FTW!), and exploring the general area.
  2. Poor Joe was jonesing for a cigar after we had lunch at the brewery. Google Lady led us to Savannah Cigars, which was - closed until evening. Drat! The other cigar shop that Google Lady found was actually the same shop with a different name. So we went back to our hotel, Joe dropped me off, and he went on a cigar-hunting expedition. This time Google Lady found a cigar store near the airport, which was only a couple miles from our hotel. What she neglected to tell Joe was that the shop was actually in the airport, and past security at that. There was further misadventure, but I shall be discreet for a change. Suffice to say that everything turned out fine.
  3. When we got home, I started feeling kind of sick - bad headache, nausea, and rashy spots on my foot and leg. Allergies, I thought. Poison ivy, I thought. Reaction to new diabetes med, I thought. Alas, none of the above. No, I had shingles. And yes, I had the damn vaccine, but I had the first, less effective version. It did, however, make it less horrible. The doc gave me an antiviral and an anti-depressant (for sleeping). It seems to be clearing up.
  4. Or is it? The left side of my face is now quite tender and sore to the touch, and it's started tingling - just like my foot right before the rash popped up. We shall see!
  5. The week after the wedding, I flew to San Diego for the Madworld Conference. Although I kind of wish it was a gathering of Mad magazine aficionados, it was actually a Madcap Software user conference. Because we use their Flare authoring tool - which is fantastic - I pitched it to my boss at budget time and she approved it! It was held at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter, the trendy, hip section of town.

    The View from My Window

  6. Let me tell you, the Hard Rock knows how to stock a minibar. Not only did it have full-size bottles of fancypants liquor, it had an "intimacy kit," complete with condoms, lube, mints (how thoughtful), and a vibrating bullet (yikes!). I did not avail myself of these offerings, however.

    More Like a Maxibar

  7. The conference was good and I learned a lot. One of the presenters even recognized me - or at least he recognized my name - from a long-ago conference that we both presented at. That was amusing. I even got a problem solved in the Tech Support Lounge!
  8. Even better than the conference was the fact that I got to spend a wonderful evening with the lovely and talented Linda Oestreich, one of my favoritest people in the whole entire world.

    Dinner with Linda O

    We had dinner at C Level, a wonderful place on Harbor Island, and then Linda drove us to Sunset Beach to watch, well, the sunset. Then we wove our way through several little beach communities while we yakked and yakked and yakked. It was so great to see her!

    Sunset Beach

  9. My flight home didn't leave until noon, so I took my time getting up. I had breakfast, finished packing, and caught a taxi to the airport. I had my spiffy new wallet-with-a-long-strap-and-room-for-my-cell-phone, my suitcase, and my laptop... all set! Or so I thought. I checked my bag, suffered through security, and sat at the gate with my book. Then, just as the flight started boarding, I remembered. Yes, I had my wallet - but I didn't have my fucking purse! The one I had craftily stashed on the top shelf of the closet because all I really needed was my wallet. The one with my keys and work badge and various stuff that one keeps in one's purse. I got on the plane and called the hotel. The very nice fellow sent me a Lost Item Form. I filled it out in great detail. The next day I got an email - they found it! They shipped it - Fedex Ground (it was my only choice). It arrived a few days later and I was greatly relieved to be able to drive and get into my house again.
  10. Yesterday I bought tickets to the Big Apple Circus! It's coming to our neighborhood in May, so how could I pass that up?