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Thanks Doc!

Well, I saw my wonderful primary care doctor last Friday to talk about my diabetes and my trigger finger.

I've been a bit worried about my blood sugar numbers recently - they seemed to jump around a lot even though I tested every morning before breakfast. It's always on the high side, but there would be days when it would be sky high for no apparent reason. I have been reasonably good with my eating and I've been exercising quite faithfully since September.

But Doc V is perfectly happy with me!

I had blood work done ahead of my appointment, so the doc went over it with me and compared it to previous results.

My A1C was actually a smidge lower than last time and my blood glucose was pretty much the same. All the other numbers were just dandy. What had been worrying me is simply a matter of biology and timing. The doc had me do a day-long test to track the rise and fall of my blood sugar, where I did a finger stick before and after each meal. The results were just as they should be - lower sugar before the meal, higher sugar after the meal.

So I am feeling a lot better about that.

Then I asked about my weirdo trigger finger. I'd read that the condition was more common in diabetics, which I immediately interpreted as meaning that the finger was about to fall off and my remaining digits would soon follow.

But the doc talked me off the ledge with that one too. After he felt around my finger, he said that it's most likely a small cyst in the sheath around the tendon that's causing it. If it gets worse or I get sick of putting up with it, he'll refer me to a hand surgeon for a quick procedure.

Works for me!