Thanks Doc!

Nostalgia Boots

I've bought a couple pairs of Toms shoes from the discount site Zulily over the last few years. I've always been pleased with the products and service - one time, shortly after we moved, I hit "Submit" without proofreading the order details and sent them our old address. A quick call to Customer Service fixed that right up!

So when I saw that Zulily had a selection of Frye boots for sale... well.

See, when I was in college way back in the dark ages, I had a pair of Fryes. All my friends had Fryes. Fryes were the boots to have, and I had them. From the first frost until flip-flop weather, I wore my Fryes. They lasted through circus gigs in winter in the Midwest and through blizzards in DC. They were the Campus 14L model, knee high, with a sensible heel and a rounded toe. No zipper, mind you; you had to pull them on with the convenient little loops at the top. They were a nice brown, soft but very sturdy leather. They weren't fancy, but did have nice stitching on them. Once I broke them in, they were so, so comfy. Years-of-wearing comfy.

I can't remember what I paid for them, but I'm sure they were expensive, at least for a broke college student in the 70s. But they couldn't have been too expensive or I wouldn't have bought them - oh, let's be honest, my parents wouldn't have bought them.

I finally wore them out in the early 80s.

They are now absurdly expensive - a pair of the same boots costs $378.00 today and I cannot justify that. I just can't.

But with Zulily... who could say? So I browsed.

Oh my heavens. They had MY BOOTS. A different - actually nicer - color, but damn, MY BOOTS! For almost half price with two, easy, interest-free payments! And, as the song goes, it only... takes a mo-ment...

Estimated delivery date: February 24. Here's hoping they're as great as I remember!