Belated Sunday Stealing
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Walking Again


On Joe's work evenings, I used to order my dinner online from Panera Bread - Pick 2, onion soup and Asian Sesame Chicken Salad - pick it up on my way home, and then enjoy it as soon as I got home. (Now Panera has stopped selling all of the salads that rely on romaine lettuce, so there goes half my dinner.) Then I'd loaf for the rest of the evening, just sit my butt in the recliner and pick up the remote.

I don't pick up dinner now because I'm walking again. I started up again in September after quitting for two years, way back when I had surgery. I have to do it as soon as I get home, and I mean AS SOON as I get home. I come in, put down my coat and keys, change into my activewear and sneakers, and go. When it's light outside, I walk outside. When it's dark outside, I walk on the treadmill. I argue with myself about walking all the damn time - whether I will or not, how far I'll walk, how long I'll walk, anything about walking, I argue with myself.

But I still do it, at least a mile, at least three times a week. At some point, it will make a difference, although I haven't seen much yet.

Still, it's something. My doctors will be pleased. I hope.