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Ten Things I Have To Do This Weekend

User Error?


"I hate this new system," groused the lab tech.

Ah, the classic Change Management mantra.

I have my usual appointment with my oncologist next week, which means that I have to get my blood work done so that she can review it with me. Normally I get the orders on paper and stow them away until it's time for my blood work. Not this time - the orders were sent to my lab of choice electronically.

Oh, okay!

I was a little leery of this. I even called my doc's office to confirm that the orders were sent; the nurse told me that they indeed were, but I should be sure to tell them that they were sent in September.

Good tip!

When I arrived at the lab this morning, I saw the new check-in kiosk in the corner. More tech! I navigated that pretty well and had a seat. Right after I sat, a nice elderly gent walked in. The lab tech directed him to the kiosk. He read the directions and tried to insert his driver's license into a non-existent slot instead of placing it flat on the tray.

So I helped him out. Once he got over that hump, he did fine.

Anyway, the lab tech called me up and asked for my orders.

"My doctor sent them electronically in September," I replied, crossing my fingers.

"Hmm. They're not in here. Come around and have a seat," she said.

Oh damn.

She looked through the faxes. She looked at the new system again. "No, there's nothing anywhere," she said.

"I can call my doctor's office and see if they can send them again," I said. I really didn't want to waste a perfectly good fasting. "But I'm sure they sent them."

"No, there's nothing online," she said. "See?" She turned the screen toward me.

Sure enough, no records. Then I saw it. In the Last Name field, she had entered "RAM".

"Wait a sec - that's not my last name," I told her.

"No, that's how we search; we use the first three letters of the last name," she explained helpfully.

"Okay, but my last name starts with WIS, not RAM," I insisted.

"It says here that your last name is RAMON," she insisted back. She pronounced it rah-MOAN.

"My middle name is Ramon." I did pronounce it correctly (RAY-mon), but I resisted the urge to say "I think I know my name". I mean, this woman was going to stick me with a needle and take my blood. I kinda wanted to stay on her good side.

We actually went through this same routine a couple more times - You say rahMOAN, I say RAYmon; let's call the whole thing off! - then I said, "Perhaps it's a scanning error."

"Oh, that must be it," she agreed. She entered WIS in the field, and presto! Orders!

"I hate this new system," she said. "It was so much easier the other way."

It's okay, dear. You'll get used to it. And maybe confirm the last name.