The Jolly Old Elf
And So This Was Christmas

Ready to Go


All the Christmas chores are done!

After Joe went off to work yesterday afternoon, I sat myself down with wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and Sharpie for the annual wrappening. I must say, it's a lot less onerous when there are only four folks to wrap for. And only two of those four get multiple presents!

It wasn't awfully cold this morning, so I walked outside for the first time in quite a while. It was... refreshing. I was able to scope out the river - still running high after the last couple days of rain (again with the rain!), but not so high as to be worrisome, thank goodness. So, now that I've walked both yesterday and today, I only have to walk one more time this week to make my goal. That means I can take tomorrow and Christmas off! It seems like the right thing to do.

There's not much to do tomorrow - just throw some stuff in a bag, call a cab, and catch a train, as we have done for the last three years. It's really worth every penny to not have to worry about driving down I-95 on Christmas Eve. We even spring for business class, but on the Northeast Regional, not the Acela. Acela prices, even with the senior discount, is absurd. Business class on the regular train is just fine for an hour-long trip.

I know we'll have a blast; we always do. So over the river and through the woods, to my sister's house we go!