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KeyStone A Cappella - The Eleventh Thing


Remember those 10 things I had to do this weekend? I got nine done - we're out of wrapping paper, so the presents remain unwrapped. 

I also forgot one very important thing:

11. Attend the KeyStone A Cappella concert, part of our Lively Arts subscription at the local community college.

I love a cappella music. I fell for The Persuasions when I first heard them back in the early '70s. They've been around since 1962, but I came late to the party. So when I saw that KeyStone A Cappella would be appearing as part of the Lively Arts series, I jumped on it.

And they were fabulous! I could have sworn they had percussion instruments backing them up, but no! It's their percussion vocalist! The voices are beautiful, rich and smooth, and their arrangements are very creative, with a sly wit woven it.

They have a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so that they can finish their next album - I'm going to support them for sure.

Here's their version of Jingle Bells - hope you enjoy it!