Another NaNoWriMo Done
Sunday Stealing for Holidailies

It's Time for Holidailies!

You'd think that writing 50,000 words during November would have been enough writing for awhile, but I am a glutton for punishment, so... Holidailies! The internet challenge where bloggers everywhere promise to write a post every day in December! I have participated in Holidailies for many years - maybe 15? So... yeah. Here I go again.

Joe has been working this afternoon, so I have been doing various stuff:

  • I walked, kicking off a new week of walking. I waffled between walking outside and walking on the treadmill, eventually choosing the treadmill because it's too damn cold to walk outside.
  • I organized the bills, putting them in their proper slots.
  • I paid the rent.
  • I tossed two old Blue Apron meals that I never got around to cooking.
  • I put away three new Blue Apron meals that I swear to God I will cook.
  • I finished tomorrow's New York Times crossword puzzle. Lest you think that I can reach into the future for crossword puzzles, we get the magazine and art sections of the Sunday Times on Saturday and the rest of the Sunday Times on Sunday.
  • I took a nice hot shower and got dressed, because I thought I might get out of the house.
  • I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I was going to go out, but it's too damn cold outside.
  • I watched Episode 1 of Season 2 of Jamestown, and the Dolley Madison episode of American Experience.
  • I thought about what to write for my first Holidailies post for 2018, and came up with this.

Happy Holidailies!