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Festivus Party


Well, I missed doing an entry for yesterday's Holidailies, but as I like to say - only God is perfect.

I had a good reason. My dear friend A came up from Maryland to attend a Festivus party hosted by her friend K. It turns out that K lives about 5 miles (if that) away from us! A "introduced" us via Facebook a couple of months ago. We're of like minds politically, cat people, and fairly recent residents of the area. The other day K invited Joe and me to the party also - that was nice!

A came up early and we spent the afternoon eating and yakking and catching up. We had a blast. We had lunch at the Tavern, ice cream at Zwahlen's, and coffee at Starbuck's. Then A headed off to K's house while I waited for Joe to get home from work and decide if he wanted to go. He opted out (he was really tired), so off I went!

What a fun party! I dragged out my inner extrovert, mingled, ate delicious food, and drank some champagne punch. When it got so I had trouble hearing people, A and I went to the living and sat down to keep talking.

Then the Festivus festivities began! There was an actual, official Festivus pole. We all participated in the Airing of Grievances (we kept it apolitical) - mine were the upstairs neighbors who like to rearrange their furniture and then clog dance at 10:00 at night, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. B, K's husband, had an impressive list, mostly to do with the driving habits of the natives.

We did not do the Feats of Strength, nor did anyone have to wrestle B to the ground - probably a good call, to be honest.