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Change Is Good


Change is good! Embrace it! Welcome it!

Oh God.

I got a new work laptop today. My old one was over four years old, which apparently makes it quite the senior citizen.

My old computer and I got along fine. I knew where everything was and how it worked; Windows 7 and I were pals. My files where all organized just the way I wanted them. The computer behaved itself, for the most part - a couple times it forgot about all of my files and programs, and a couple other times it decided that our network didn't exist, but the Help Desk crew fixed it up every time.

It was big and clunky and heavy, and most folks in the company had the newer laptops. The conference room projectors didn't have the correct HDMI plug to fit my old friend, so I had to rely on horrible VGA. Hey, this laptop was so old it had a CD drive that would pop open randomly.

So overall, I was quite happy to get a new one. It is wee, as light as a sheet of paper, and - dun, dun, DUN - running Windows 10.

Okay. No worries. I've been in tech for 40 years; I can handle a new goddamn operating system.

Sigh. Honestly, for the first hour or so I felt like a complete idiot just trying to find everything!

I'll get used to it in a few days. I'm not sure that I like the way the Start menu works, what with all those boxes and the sort of graphical layout. Just give me a damn list!

But I got my main authoring tools reinstalled, and got my usual programs pinned to the task bar, and cleaned up my bookmarks, and moved a lot of older files to OneDrive where they can safely languish until someone wants a document from 2015.