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Another NaNoWriMo Done

Winner 2018 - Web Banner

I won National Novel Writing Month 2018! So far I've written 50335 new words, not all of which are crap. In fact, I rather like some of them. For this iteration of NaNo, I decided to work on the third book in the Girl Clown series (like I have more than one series, heh). I wrote a new beginning, some additional middle, and I'm almost to the end. Like last year, though, there's no crisis. I hate it when all the characters behave themselves.

But shit, I wrote 50,000+ original words! At some point - and who knows, it might not happen until I'm old(er) and gray(er) - the conflict will reveal itself and I'll finish it for real. Then I'll spend the next 10 years editing it.

Here is a paragraph that I rather like.

Tear down smells different from the show. The show smells like popcorn and floss, animals and balloons. Tear down smells like canvas and wet rope, exhaust fumes and hot metal. When the townies are gone and the show is over, the big top is no longer the place where the magic happens; it’s just another canvas tent that needs to be untied, folded up, and rolled onto the spool wagon for the ride to the next town, the next field, the next parking lot.

On to Holidailies!