A Dual Celebration
Saturday 9: Love Is All Around

Under the Big Top

As soon as I saw that Cirque du Soleil's Volta was going to be performed under the big top in nearby Oaks, PA, I knew we were going. I mean, c'mon now - the site in Oaks is a grand total of 4.4 miles away.

It's like an order.

I love Cirque du Soleil. Joe and I went to the first show way back in the 80s in (I think) Tysons Corner, VA, before the shows had names and big Las Vegas venues. I haven't seen too many of the shows, but every single one I've seen since that first one - Zumanity, O, and Ovo - has been wonderful.

But there's something about a big top that makes a good circus great, and this one is no exception.

Just seeing it makes me smile!

Volta Big Top aka Grand Chapiteau

Alas, the weather forecast got worse and worse as the week rolled on; at one point, we were supposed to get torrential downpours. Well, it did rain, but it was spotty most of the day. It finally settled into a steady, but light rain. So we wore our raincoats and headed to the show.

Of course, big tops have evolved since my circus days, when they were leaky and soggy and made a drippy mess of everything. This big top was bone dry inside and very comfortable.

Nice and dry!

And the show? Magnifique, of course!

There was amazing double dutch jump roping. There was a juggler who did a seven-ball bounce and a baton twirler who twirled and juggled four batons. There was an incredible trampoline act, aerial acts that left my mouth hanging open, an adagio act on a unicycle for cryin' out loud, and an absolutely breathtaking BMX bike act that closed the show. The storyline was sweet and inspirational, as Cirque story lines are.

But my favorite act was a hair hang.

Yes, a hair hang. The artist sat serenely in lotus pose, her costume glinting with colored gems, looking like a golden Buddha. You could barely see the line attached to her hair, tightly gathered into a bun on the top of her head. The music was sensuous and mystical. And then, as the artist held her pose, she levitated straight up. Then she performed a beautiful dance, coming down to the ring and gliding, then flying back up, a tai chi routine in the air. It was magic.

Just like the big top at night.

May all your days be circus days!