A Dual Celebration

The Best Bell

I have rung many bells in my time - school bells, dinner bells, silver bells, Taco Bells - but the bell I rang today was the best bell of all.

See, there's a tradition in the chemo world that you ring a bell when you finish your last chemo treatment. Who am I to buck tradition?

Ringing the best bell.

See that lovely tiara? It's not mine, even though I bought it. Actually, I bought three, one for my wonderful oncologist and two for my wonderful nurses. Michele made me wear hers for the picture.

When I got to the infusion room, I found that they decorated "my" chair area!

That's my index finger, in case you're confused.

Yesterday was my long day, where I get several pre-meds in addition to the actual chemo drugs. The Benadryl really zones me out, so I spend most of the five-hour stay somewhere between awake and truly asleep. When I got home, I went to bed for a real sleep - three hours!

Today, however, was the short day, only an hour and a half. Even better, I only needed one stick to get a good vein! Yesterday, I needed three, so I still averaged out to two sticks and thus lived up to my nickname, Two-Stick Mary.

And after I was all done, I got to ring the bell and pose with Rose (left) and Michele (right), who are well and truly the Queens of my Heart.

The Queens of Oncology Nursing