The Best Bell
Under the Big Top

A Dual Celebration

The day after I finished chemotherapy, we threw some stuff in a bag, dropped the cats at the vet, and jumped onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Our destination? The Omni Bedford Springs Resort, where we spent our 35th wedding anniversary. This year is our 38th, so we decided to celebrate the end of chemo and our anniversary with a big old splurge.

So we went back to Bedford Springs.

Our room was in the historic wing, allllll way at the end. I swear it was a quarter mile from the lobby! But that was really okay.

Our room? The last one on the right.

We unpacked, relaxed, and then explored a bit to see what was what. Then we went to dinner in the Frontier Tavern, a swell little restaurant in the hotel. We had a great server, Liz, who treated us like gold. When she asked if we were celebrating anything, I let her know about our dual celebration. Then she treated us like diamonds and pearls!

The meal was very good and very filling, so we skipped dessert and headed back to the room. A little while later, there was a knock at the door - it was Liz, with a tray of cupcakes to celebrate the end of chemo.

Midori cupcakes!

She even added a sweet personal note! And those little test tubes contained Midori, a melon liqueur, which seeped into the cakes. Oh man! They were delicious.

On Friday we got in the car and drove from Bedford Springs to Cumberland to see Joe's sister and nieces. It was a great visit - it always is! We got back in time to have dinner in the Frontier Tavern again. We were going to try a different restaurant on the property, but it was in the golf clubhouse and it was raining. This time our server was Zach, who was just as great as Liz! When he found out our story - Liz told him, I didn't - he gave us a free dessert and coffee. Is this a great joint or what?

Saturday was spa day! We didn't do any of the super expensive spa treatments, but we did indulge in the Bedford Bath Experience and I got a pedicure. The bath experience is the ultimate relaxation routine. First, I took a deluge shower with a scented scrub. Then I sat the steam room. After that, it's a dip in the cold pool, followed by a soak in the hot pool. It was heavenly!

Hot pool in the foreground, cold pool in the background.

After that, I slipped on my fancy plush robe and headed for the relaxation lounge. I fixed a cup of tea, grabbed some strawberries and nut mix, and sank to the overstuffed chaise lounge. Peace!

At the appointed time, my aesthetician collected me and gave me a wonderful pedicure. I chose a nice, deep, bright red to honor my Stanley Cup winning Washington Capitals.

Pampered feet and bright red toes!

When I got back to the room, Joe handed me a card that he found on the desk. It said that our amenity was in the refrigerator. Lo and behold, there was a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries in honor of our anniversary! What a perfect treat!

Another yummy treat!

After an amazing dinner at 1796, the resort's fancypants steakhouse, we took a haunted history tour of the hotel, because of course the place is haunted. It was a small group and a lot of fun. And right when our guide described how the little girl ghost, Anna, liked to reach out and touch unsuspecting guests, Joe actually felt something tugging on his pantleg. Coincidence? Hmmm.

Anyway, by the time the tour was over, I was pretty much ready to drop, so we took a shortcut to our room by walking up the outdoor path to the back door.

Lit up for the evening.

The next day, as much as we wanted to stay, we headed home. Thank you, Bedford Springs!

The gazebo and bridge to the trails.