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Saturday 9: Nights On Broadway

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) It's estimated that there are more than 200 separate streets called "Broadway" in the United States. Does your town have a Broadway?
Not that I know of, but Philadelphia does have a Broad Street, which is a main thoroughfare through Center City. Locally, I don't think Norristown (or Audubon, or Eagleville) has a Broadway.

2) Think of the last time you celebrated well into the night. What street were you on?
We were on East Walnut Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin, at Weetaprom! Keep in mind, however, that "well into the night" for us old farts is midnight.

3) The Bee Gees blame it all on those songs that go straight to the heart. What love song always makes you go, "aw ...?"
In Spite of Ourselves, by John Prine. There are others, of course, but this one makes me giggle.

4) Even though their sound depended on tight harmonies, all three Bee Gees were heavy smokers, which is not good for the throat. What habit do you have that wish you could break?
Oh, so many! I'll pick chewing on my fingernails. I've been doing it for as long as I can remember. Mom used to bribe me to try to break me of biting my nails. I managed to grow my nails and get my reward, but then I bit them all off again. Nowadays I don't really bit them, but I still chew on them.

5) In addition to the three Gibbs who sang this song, there was a fourth brother, Andy, who also had hit records. But did you know the Gibbs' had a sister, Lesley? Your turn: share some trivia that's rattling around in your head.
Given the weather of the last week, I looked up the date of the latest snow in Philadelphia. On April 27, 1967, there was measurable snow in Philly. There you go!

6) "Nights on Broadway" was recorded in Miami. When you think of Florida, what comes to mind?
Sun and sand and Clown College. Also, alligators and hurricanes.

7) In 1975, when this song was popular, Sony introduced the Betamax and JVC gave us the VCR. Sam admits she was glad to see VCRs go because she never could program hers. What about you? Do you adapt easily to new technology?
I think so - although we're more or less ignoring "smart home" technology. Joe has made friends with Alexa and enjoys conversing with her.

8) The Bee Gees' greatest success came two years later, in 1977, with the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. Have you ever seen the John Travolta movie?
Yes, pretty soon after it was released.

9) Random question -- Your mail carrier is very attractive, and flirts with you each day when dropping off the mail. Would you a) ignore it or b) let the carrier know, firmly but politely, that you're not interested or c) complain to your local post office or d) subscribe to more magazines and order more stuff to guarantee that the mail carrier comes every day?
If the flirting was mild and pleasant, I'd probably play along. If it was aggressive and annoying, I'd tell him/her to knock it off.