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Postcards from Camp

It's April, the weather is crazy (80 degrees today! 40 degrees tomorrow! Thunderstorms on Monday!), and so of course I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. Camp is nice because you can set your own goal: words, hours, minutes, pages... whatever works for you. I chose 30 hours as my goal, but I'm not writing for all of that time. A lot of what I'm doing is figuring out the sequel to the sequel. I know the basic theme, but I'm thinking through the plot and the subplots, making notes, editing what I've got, researching the route... all that sort of stuff!

One of the things I love about NaNo is the community aspect of it. The forums are quite active, but of course you're not obligated to participate in them. A thread about a Postcard Swap caught my eye. You sign up for it, complete a form, and the moderator sends out addresses. You can choose how many postcards you want to send and whether you'll send extras to folks whose sender dropped out.

It sounded like fun, so I signed up to send five cards and to send extras.

So far, I've gotten six cards! They've come from Maine, Oregon, Jersey, and all over! Some are short and sweet; others more involved. Some folks looked up my profile and commented on my project; some gave me writing prompts in case I hit a wall. I really like all of them!


The yellow one at the bottom is quite creative! That little bit at the bottom is an actual Awesome Writer Mood Ring that I can wrap around my finger when I work on my project. It shows one of six moods:

  • Red = Calm
  • Apple = Confident
  • Lipstick = Motivated
  • Stop Sign = Excited
  • Beet = Joyful
  • Blood = Creative

With my Awesome Writer Mood Ring on my finger, how can I lose?