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Beautiful Day for a Walk

It's quite a lovely day today, still a little chilly, but perfect for a nice long walk. We drove over to Pawling Farm (where we saw the Witness Tree), part of Valley Forge National Park, so that Joe could show me a really cool trail that he's hiked before. I figured we'd be walking the River Trail by the Schuylkill, but we veered off the main trail onto a wee trail that ran along the top of a ridge. You can't really see how steep the sides of this ridge are from the following picture, but trust me on this - I was just a weensy bit nervous when the ridge was narrow or I had to navigate over the fallen trees and poked-up roots.


The views were lovely, though, and made me happy I was there. There was a pretty pond on one side of the trail and the river on the other.

A pond in the valley

 The air was cool; the sun was warm. It was so quiet - all you could hear was some traffic in the distance and the wind high up in the trees.

Schuylkill River - Visitor Center for Washington's HQ in the background

Spring flowers were all over the sides of the trail.


Anyone know what this pale blue flower is?


"Sweet violets, sweeter than all the roses!"

The vines and roots were pretty impressive too.

Vines looping around the trees
Oh my God! Zorro was here!

On the way back to the car after our hike, we saw the sky through a window in the Walnut Hill Barn.

Walnut Hill Barn

It was a real good stretch of the legs! We came home, had a pizza for lunch, and settled in to watch the Caps beat the Blue Jackets in overtime. Woot woot!