Second Verse, Same As The First
Again with the Nor'Easter!


Well, the power just went out.

Dang, I thought we'd escape that particular eventuality, but no.

Anyway, I'm connected to the interwebz courtesy of my iPhone personal hotspot - thank God for unlimited data! - but that's not going to last long given my iPhone was only at 70% when the lights crashed.

So, to recap.

This is one bad nasty storm. It wasn't supposed to snow this far south, but the storm had other ideas. It started snowing before noon and hasn't quit yet. The wind picked up a little later and then it really got interesting! Taffy Cat was mesmerized. She sat on the windowsill trying to catch the snow - she's never done that with any other snowfall.

I, for once, was smart and stayed home from work. I did work from home (some). Joe thought briefly about going out to lunch at our local tavern, but just about then the wind really started swirling the snow around. He thought better of it.

The snow is really wet and heavy. Trees have been crashing down all over the area.

The roads in Valley Forge National Park are all closed because of the downed trees and treacherous road conditions. We turned on the news at 5:00 - it's now 6:30 and the news has been completely about the weather. Nothing else seems to have happened in the world.

I confess that I'm worried about our beach house, but I guess if we survived Hurricane Sandy we'll probably survive this. Keep a good thought, would you?