Saturday 9: On and On
Crafty Shopping at Sugarloaf

Four Years!

Four years ago today we loaded up the truck and moved to Bev-er-ly!

Oh okay; we let some very good movers load up a truck and we moved to Pennsylvania!


"So - after four years there, how's it going?" I hear you cry.

Well, it's going just fine. Here are ten things about that finery.

  1. We still love our apartment; in fact, we just renewed out lease!
  2. We now have a different sofa (Ikea, EKTORP), which fits the space much better then the old one did.
  3. We also have a different dining table. Ikea, again - but it's much sturdier and has a magic storage space for the leaf. It just pops right up and springs into place! Well, actually, it does require a little manual intervention, but not much.
  4. We have an additional cat - little Miss Taffy, aka The Beast. Little Bits does not consider this to be fine, however.
  5. We love the area, from the parks - especially Valley Forge National Park - to the huge King of Prussia mall and brand new town center.
  6. Craft beer abounds!
  7. The second-best ice cream ever is two miles away. (The best remains the late, lamented Gifford's, from my youth.)
  8. Our local tavern serves great food and great drinks, and it's only a mile from home! Not only that, the folks are friendly and fun. We're regulars, for sure.
  9. Our doctors are wonderful - especially our primary care doc and my oncologist.
  10. One last word: cheesesteaks.