Saturday 9: On and On

Again with the Nor'Easter!

So here's the reason we lost power last Friday. Joe took this picture this afternoon, as he took a walk in the snow.


Can you see that the power pole snapped?

We got the power back just about 24 hours after we lost it, but the tree remains suspended on the lines. I don't know what the power company did, but I'm glad they did it!

Anyway, this new storm waffled between rain, sleet, and snow all morning, then settled on heavy, wet snow. It poured out of the sky for several hours, then poof! Gone. Some folks got thundersnow, but I didn't hear any.

I worked at home, at an extremely tedious and boring part of the project I stupidly volunteered to do. Okay, I'm actually glad I volunteered for it - it's eventually going to be interesting - but this tedious bit involved reformatting several tables, one of which is 405 rows long, and each goddamn row had to be fixed.

While I was doing this, Joe took a walk in the snow. The river was quite silvery and shiny.


 And, we still have power. Bonus!