Glorious Gershwin

Second Verse, Same As The First

Today was Day 1 of Treatment 2 for my SLL. Now it's almost 9:00 PM and I am drinking espresso. There may also be a shortbread cookie lurking around the demitasse cup.

It went just fine. Day 1 is the long day, but today the long day was a shorter day compared to the first long day - only 4½ hours. I got all of the same poisons life-saving drugs as last time, but smaller doses of the Decadron (sounds like a Dr. Who villian) and the Benadryl. I got the same amount of Rituxan, but with a faster infusion rate.

I started watching the Christmas episode of Victoria to pass the time (and to watch the emo-smoldering Tom Hughes playing Prince Albert). The Benadryl finished and the Rituxan began. I got about halfway through Victoria when my eyes started crossing and my brain started singing lullabies. I managed to shut down the show and put my phone on the table before I nodded off. I vaguely felt the Best Nurse Ever put a warm blanket over me (bliss!) but was unable to rise to consciousness and thank her.

Man oh man, Benadryl, amirite?

I did wake up when the Rituxan finished. The other Best Nurse Ever gently brought me out of arms of Benadryl to let me know.

Joe arrived just as things finished up. We stopped to pick up some lunch and headed home. I ate, then decided to lie down for a minute.

Five hours later, hello!

*Two virtual pats on the head to the first person to tell me where the title of this post comes from.