Five Things from The Artist's Way
Glorious Gershwin

Lost and Found

Years ago, Joe gave me a lovely ring for our anniversary. It very quickly became one of my favorites! It's a wide sterling silver band with four thin gold bands that spin around the middle.

Shortly after we moved, I cleaned out and reorganized my jewelry box, and I realized that the ring was missing.


Had I sold it at some point when we were strapped for cash? I didn't think so - I only sold jewelry that I bought for myself, not anything that Joe gave me.

Had I put it in a different jewelry box? I looked in my earring jewelry case - nope. I looked in my jewelry-I-don't-wear-much jewelry box - nope. I looked in my gramma's silk scarf box where I keep older stuff and random hair ornaments - nope.

Oh well. I had the feeling that it was somewhere, but I couldn't figure out where.

Anyway, last weekend I got an itch to clean out some of my dresser drawers to free up some space and cull some clothes I hadn't worn in years.

The first drawer that I cleaned was my scarf, sash, and tights/pantyhose/knee high stockin's drawer. And back in the corner of the drawer was a little jewelry box that I'd sorta forgotten about. I looked inside - there was a silver certificate dollar bill, old credit cards from stores that no longer exist, spare buttons from sweaters and dresses that I no longer own, a couple cute pins of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

And yes, my ring! Slightly tarnished and a little dusty, surrounded by old, very tarnished broken earrings and chains. I whooped a couple times, cleaned it up, and I've worn it every day since.

Maybe I should clean out a few more dresser drawers - who knows what I'll find?