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Five Things from The Artist's Way


As far as inspirational sayings go, I may have seemed a little snarky in my previous post. I didn't mean to, honest. I have nothing against inspirational sayings. I even have a few favorites, like this one from Nolan Bushnell:

Just when you think the sun shines out of your ass, all you have is an illuminated landing strip.

The Signals catalog (and others, I expect) have nice cuff bracelets engraved with inspirational words and brief sayings - things like "Believe" and "Bring your own sunshine" and "Fall seven times; get up eight." Those are very nice, but not really up my alley.

I do actually have a wee pewter cuff that says "Laugh" - I wore it most often during the shit times at my last job. It helped. Plus, it seems appropriate for an old clown.

Anyway! I found another inspirational saying bracelet that totally spoke to me. I first saw it on a Facebook sponsored post. (Hmm. I seem to see a lot a stuff on Facebook sponsored posts.) After I checked out the website, I pulled the trigger and ordered it. I like the company - it's small, woman-owned, and each piece is handmade by local crafters. And, they're based in New Orleans!

It's just what I need to get through chemo, I think - a pretty reminder to just keep fucking going.