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Birthday Sunday Stealing

Dia Box

I've been seeing "sponsored posts" on my Facebook feed from Dia & Co. - an apparel subscription service for women of a certain size. I took a look at the ads and wandered on over to the website, and it looked appealing.

I eventually decided, "Aw, what the hell," and filled out their style survey. However, being the suspicious sort, I asked my Facebook tribe if anyone had tried it and, if so, how they liked it.

The lovely and talented Heather responded with a generally positive review. She also sent me a link that would land her a credit on her next box.

Then I waited a couple days. Finally I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

My box arrived today!

It contained:

  • a pair of olive bootcut jeans
  • a dark teal cowl neck sweater
  • a floral-patterned tunic top
  • a red and black print dress
  • a cute turquoise beaded necklace.

I tried the jeans on first. They fit nicely in the waist and hips, but were way, way too long. Back they go.

Next up, the dress.


Joe's reaction? "Oh, I really like that!"

So do I! It's long enough, for one thing, and stretchy through the waist. The fabric is a soft, silky jersey-type knit. Normally, I would pass this print right by, but it's actually quite nice. However, I thought about sending it back because I just don't wear dresses that much. When I said as much to Joe, he said, "No! Keep it!"

Your wish is my command, darlin'.

On to the tunic. This was another print that I would have passed up if I saw it in a store.


It's hard to see, but there's a wide black band at the bottom of the piece, so it really is a tunic. The print is quite lovely, and there are cool zippers on either side that you can use to change the fit a bit. It feels quite smooth and light. I like the three-quarter sleeves, too.

It also got the Joe Flynn Seal of Approval ™. Into my dresser it goes!

If you squint, you might be able to see the necklace twinkling against the print. I decided as soon as I saw it that it was a keeper.

Finally, here's the cowl neck sweater. I. Love. It.


This is my favorite piece. It's so soft!! It's acrylic and nylon, so it's not itchy at all. And, it's long enough. The back is a little longer than the front, but not obnoxiously so. Hey, it covers my butt, so that's a definite plus. In fact, it's long enough that I might be brave enough to wear it with leggings and boots.

All in all, I think my first box is a definite win. And, it wasn't exorbitantly expensive - a little spendy altogether, but each piece is fairly priced. Plus, the sylist stayed within the budget range I set in my "style profile." I'm not setting this up for automagic delivery, only because I want control over when I order. Also, I'm going to have other things on my mind in the next few months and my money is going to have to cover deductibles and coinsurance for a little while.

So thanks, Dia & Co. Nicely done!