Another Year Bites the Dust
Decision Made

A Resolution


Tomorrow I must go back to work after a little more than a week off.

I don't wannnnnah. I do not!

Alas, if I want to get paid, I guess I'll have to gird my grid and get my act together. I've reactivated my alarm. Joe went out and started Chicolini; he deserves a medal for doing this. It almost didn't start, thanks to the frigid weather, but Joe insisted. He ran the car for several minutes. We shall see if it works when I try to drive to w- w- work in the morning.

Anyway, I've been thinking about resolutions and goals and stuff like that.  I have one of each.

The Goal: Finish The Sequel for once and for all, then decide about publishing it.

The Resolution: Deal with the cancer. And by that, I mean knuckle down and get my blood sugar and blood pressure under control (already started), then schedule the treatment. Then have the treatment. And then, say good-bye to cancer for however long the remission lasts.

I also have a couple of "sorta want to do" things:

  • Juggle more. Especially clubs, which I'll probably have to learn all over again because it's been that long.
  • Draw more Zentangles. It really does help me focus and be, as the cool kids say, in the moment.

And then there's the "win the lottery" resolution. I suppose I'll have to buy a ticket once in awhile.

Welcome to 2018, and a big thank you to Jenipurr and Richard for wrangling Holidailies!