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Worn Out


I'm feeling worn out tonight.

Joe has been feeling poorly the last couple of days - coughing, low fever, lethargy - probably a cold. He's gone to bed really early the last couple of nights, so I grabbed the opportunity to binge watch Season 5 of Downton Abbey. I stayed up until after midnight both nights and now I pay the price.

Also, I was invited to the development department's mandatory fun this afternoon. It was actually nice. There was a gift swap, one of those deals where you can pick a present or steal someone else's. I picked early when there wasn't anything that I wanted to steal; I selected a box of indoor/outdoor Christmas lights. No one wanted to steal them. Fine by me!

But I expended a lot of my introvert energy reserve being peppy and participatory. I even played Pictionary and chatted with the folks who sat at my table. When I do these sorts things with folks that I don't know well, I get really tired and just want to crawl into a hole afterwards.

Or maybe I'm coming down with the same crud-fuck that Joe has - joy to the world!