A Teeny Tiny Tree

Vacation Looms


I managed to actually do some work today - pretty decent work, too! At 4:30 I packed up my purse, wished everyone (all two of them) a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and headed out the door.

I am officially on vacation. Paid time off. The best benefit!

Tomorrow will be the wrappening and the grocery shoppening. Saturday I may  (or I may not) bake something. If the shoppening is too stressful and angst inducing, I might delay the wrappening to Saturday. I don't have that much to wrap; the hardest part will be remembering where I hid everything.

On Sunday we will head to 30th Street Station and catch our train to Baltimore. SonnyeBoy will pick us up and we'll head to my sister's house for our traditional family Christmas Eve dinner. We'll come back home on Christmas Day for presents and dinner and pie.

And then the week stretches ahead of me - a blissful week full of no obligations.

I may even get a massage! The world is full of possibilities.