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The Eyes Have It


Dang! I missed posting yesterday; I blame the snow. It was really coming down just after lunch and Joe suggested that I come home before the roads got nasty. I allowed as how I'd be home in an hour.

An hour later the snow was coming down even harder. So I packed up my laptop and headed home. I worked a little more and then set my laptop aside to take a break. Joe was watching the Star Trek TOS marathon. I sat in the recliner. Then I closed my eyes. When I opened them, it was two hours later.

So much for that!

Anyway, you remember last week when we flaked on the concert? I was relaxing in my jammies this morning when I got a calendar alert for the eye exam I had scheduled. It was 10:30; the appointment was at 11:00.

I slapped on some deodorant and leapt into some clothes. Luckily we only live 15 minutes from the mall and my eye doc works at the Visionworks in the mall. I made it with five minutes to spare!

I had the field vision test, the air puffs in the eyeballs, the standard exam, and the pupil dilation retina check. Once again I got to answer the "Has your health changed?" question with "Yes, I have lymphoma." Given that I'll probably start treatment early in the new year, the doc wants to see me again to check my retinas. My prescription has changed somewhat, so new lenses are in order.

New lenses means new frames! I picked out some jazzy purple ones with sparkly accents on the earpieces. I'm such a trendsetter.

Anyway, thank God for the calendar reminder!