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Flaked Out

Saturday 9: Holidailies Edition


It's snowing like crazy outside. It's Saturday. Because of these two circumstances, I'm still in my pajamas. Why not? I'm not going anywhere, that's for sure. So, on this lazy, snowy day, how about some Saturday 9?

Saturday 9: My Church (2016)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a woman who loves singing along with her car radio. Is that something you enjoy?

Oh God yes. I have iPod hooked up to the USB port in Chicolini (my tiny car) and I will skip over songs to find one I can sing along to. Other drivers probably think I'm nuts. I do not care.

2)  The video begins with Maren Morris finishing her cigarette before getting behind the wheel. Do you allow smoking in your car?

No, I do not. I do want Chicolini to be tainted with stale smoke.

3) In this song, Maren admits she's lied. What's the last fib you told?

To quote Firesign Theater, "I'm always right, and I never lie."

4) She mentions having her radio on the FM dial. Are you loyal to a single radio station? Or do you spin the dial?

We felt very lucky to discover one of the best radio stations we've ever heard: WXPN. XPN is currently playing 70s Music: A to Z. It's fantastic! My all-time favorite radio station (which doesn't exist anymore) was WHFS, one of the first underground FM rock stations. Feast your ears!

5) Maren was inspired to write this song while on a long car trip from Nashville to Los Angeles. When do you get your best ideas? (In the shower, behind the wheel, over lunch with friends ...)

Generally when I least expect them.
6) She performed this song on Saturday Night Live last year. The host that week was John Cenna (sic). Do you follow professional wrestling?

We used to follow pro rassling quite closely, first in the 80s, then in the early 2000s. Just last June, SonnyeBoy treated us to the Extreme Rules show, live in Baltimore. It was great fun!! SonnyeBoy coached us on who was a face and who was a heel, and let us know who we liked in each match. Sadly, it was a night for heels.

7) In 2016, when this song was popular, Alex Rodriguez played his final Major League Baseball game. He has embarked on a second career as a broadcaster. Would you be comfortable on camera?

Sure. I've actually been on TV and radio, and I'm quite comfortable in front of an audience.

8) A 2016 study revealed that 43% of Americans own mutual funds, many in their 401(k)s and IRAs. Are you involved in the stock market?

I have an IRA, and I have a guy who manages it. I just take money out of it.

9) Random question: You have something awkward and embarrassing that you simply must tell a pal. You know your friend will not be happy with the news. Would you prefer to deliver it by email, in a phone call, or face to face?

I would prefer to do it face to face. You lose nuance, eye contact, and body language when you use email or call on the phone.