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Hockey Holiday


We're having lovely holidays.

The family Christmas Eve party was wonderful, as usual. My sister makes the. best. prime. rib. Don't even try to argue with me. This stuff melts in your mouth. It is perfectly medium rare. If you look up prime rib in the dictionary, you will see a picture of my sister's prime rib.

Anyway - we also exchanged gifts. I gave her an Alex Ovechkin ugly sweater t-shirt; she gave me the cutest necklace with a Caps weagle (the Caps logo) charm. And she also gave me this:


Yes, it's a T.J. Oshie life size poster!! It's meant to be a growth chart for kids, but my sister suggested - and I concur - that we could it to track how much we shrink in the coming years.


On Christmas morning we drove back home. Well, actually SonnyeBoy drove us home. Then we dove into a present-opening frenzy! We all got everything we ever wanted! In keeping with the Caps hockey theme, Joe gave me (among other amazing things) this fabulous t-shirt:


NHL fans will get the joke. Also, you can see the necklace my sister gave me. It coordinates perfectly with the shirt.

We got SonnyeBoy a new phone. We are always trying to figure our silly ways to surprise him, so this year we also bought him one of those Hess toy trucks. This year it's a dump truck. The phone box fit perfectly in the truck bed. When he opened it, he said, "Oh cool! Wait, what's this?" And then he exploded.

SonnyeBoy gave us wonderful gifts. I got Cards Against Humanity and Bear vs Babies, plus four posters from the Oatmeal. Just what I wanted!! Come on over and we'll play while solidifying our knowledge of the correct use of semicolons and who/whom.

Then I cooked up Christmas dinner, complete with pumpkin pie, and then we all lapsed into comas.

Today we actually braved King of Prussia mall to get SonnyeBoy's phone activated. While we were there, I picked up my new specs. I like them a lot! They have sparkly bits! And I can see!

SonnyeBoy headed home late this afternoon, and now we are by ourselves again. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week. I'm planning on doing a whole lot of nothin'.