Vacation Looms
All Ready



Today was holiday grocery day. Check it; it's on all the calendars.

Even though there's a Giant and an Aldi closer to us, we go to Wegman's. It's worth it. The Giant is right across the street from the mega-retirement community, so it's crawling - and I do mean crawling - with those folks. The Aldi is just weird, with its rental carts and odd assortment of goods and pack-your-own-damn-groceries policy.

So Wegman's it is!

You know, I knew it would be a zoo today. I don't think anybody went to work today. No, they all went to Wegman's. But, I kept a good attitude and looked both ways when crossing an aisle and said "excuse me" and smiled at people. I did have to back up a couple of times and zig-zag my way around the stock folks and other shoppers. But I didn't ram anybody, so that's a win!

I had my list ready. As is my wont, I thought I had everything covered, but I forgot a couple of crucial items. As is not my wont, I remembered them while I was actually in the store! So we will indeed have gravy and cranberry sauce with our Christmas dinner of roast chicken and five starches. I only had one impulse purchase - eggnog. Yes, I love eggnog, with or without rum or whiskey, and you can just shut up.

Then I had to go to Walgreen's for a last gag gift. They didn't have the one I really wanted, so I settled for a different, but still good, one. I'm being mysterious on purpose, for the recipient of this particular gift may indeed read this. (Hi!)

Finally, I stopped by Zwahlen's, our fabulous neighborhood ice cream and candy shop. It was also crowded, as I expected it to be. These folks make wonderful ice cream. They always have chocolate and vanilla, and a flavor of the day. Today that flavor was peppermint stick, my absolute favoritest. So I got two quarts of ice cream (we already have a jar of their orgasmically good hot fudge) and a Big Zwahley* for Joe.

Getting the grocery shopping done is a big load off my mind. Tomorrow - wrapping!!

*The Big Zwahley is a three-inch square brownie, with a thick layer of caramel on top, covered completely in chocolate. It is an inch high. It is divine. My blood sugar just went up 100 points typing this.