Saturday 9: Holidailies Edition
Baucis and Philemon

Flaked Out


Well, it's been a lovely Sunday.

We had a nice, leisurely morning drinking coffee, munching cereal, and reading the paper. We get the New York Times on Sundays and play a little game based on the homes for sale in the real estate section. Joe reads descriptions of the five properties described in the On The Market section and I guess the prices. I got very close on two today, missed by a mile on another, and was in the ballpark on the remaining two. The most expensive today was a one bedroom, one and a half bath co-op in Lincoln Square, with 19-foot ceilings and a working fireplace. It gets light on three sides, but needs window air conditioners. It's yours for the low, low sum of $2,625,000, plus a $2,694 monthly maintenance fee.

Sweet dreams are made of this, indeed.

After breakfast, we went to the local PetCo for cat food, because we don't want to be eaten in our sleep.

Then we had a lovely lunch at TJ's Restaurant and Drinkery in Paoli. I had chicken and waffles; it was yummy!

After a brief stop at home, we went to the movies and saw The Disaster Artist, which is the story of Tommy Wiseau and the making of The Room, one of the best terrible movies I've ever seen. We saw the Rifftrax version of The Room, which only added to the hilarity. James Franco played Tommy Wiseau and he was great.

Home again. Halfway through the second quarter of the Eagles game, I checked my email and found a survey asking my opinion of the Calidore String Quartet show THAT WE SUPPOSED TO GO TO THIS AFTERNOON.

Yep, we complete flaked and forgot to go to a concert that we paid for months ago. The worst part is that I had reminded Joe and myself several times this week that we had tickets to the show. I even put it on my iPhone calendar.

And yet, still we flaked.

Oh well. At least the movie was good!