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Another Year Bites the Dust

A Dove Sparks a Memory


The snow started before dawn and lasted until almost noon; my best guess is that we got about three inches of the white stuff. At one point during the storm, we looked out on the balcony and saw this lonely mourning dove.


At least the wee bird was out of the snow. However, the cold was biting and bitter, so the dove took shelter under the chair on the porch and hunkered down.


Seeing the dove all fluffed up against the cold reminded me of a song my Pop used to sing us (along with all the prison songs):

Oh, the north wind will blow
And we will have snow,
And what will the robin do then?
Poor thing!
He'll hide behind the barn
To keep himself warm
And tuck his head under his wing.
Poor thing!

Dovey flew off into the woods when the snowplows came along, but it was kind of sweet to remember Pop singing that melancholy tune.