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Saturday 9: I Will Never Let You Down

I haven't done a Saturday 9 in a while, so here we go!
Saturday 9: I Will Never Let You Down (2017)
... because Smellyann recommended Fastball

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) Fastball is a trio from Austin, Texas. Austin is the capital of Texas. When you were in school, did you have to memorize the state capitals? No, I didn't have to memorize the state capitals for school, but my Pop used to quiz us on them during dinner.

2) Have you ever visited your state's capital? Yes! Both Annapolis (for Maryland) and Harrisburg (for Pennsylvania).

3) Fastball played dates throughout Canada this past spring. When did you last leave the US of A? I last left the US on September 19, 2016 to travel to Ireland.

4) Tony Scalzo is a founding member of Fastball. He's the singer in the video for this song, and that's his wife, Jennifer, playing the organizer of the speed-dating event. Have you ever gotten a job because you knew somebody? Yes, the job I currently have! A former colleague got in touch and told me about it. And, I got my previous job that way too!
5) In this pitch to a perspective lover, he admits he doesn't have much money. Last time you went to the ATM, how much did you withdraw? We went to an ATM last week in Ocean City, and we withdrew $200 so that we'd have some cash. (And by the way, it's "prospective", not "perspective".)

6) He sings that at times, his mind is hazy. Do you have a good memory for names? Not in the least, alas.

7) Fastball guitarist Miles Zuniga admits that he once had a crush on Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia). Tell us about one of your one-sided love affairs, either with a celebrity or someone you knew in real life. Just about every love affair that I had in college was one-sided.

8) Fastball's drummer Joey Shuffield is partial to drums from Pork Pie Percussion. This company was started by Bill Detamore, who began making drums as a hobby. Do you have any hobbies that, under the right circumstances, could make you money? No, I don't think so. I'd have to devote a lot more time to any of them to turn them into a revenue stream.

9) The fast ball is the most common pitch in major league baseball. Now that the MLB season is past the halfway mark, how is your baseball team doing? My Nats are in first place in the National League East! Go Nats!