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How High?

So, here's an interesting article from the Washington Post, on driving while high on reefer.

Evidently there's no breathalyzer equivalent for pot; to determine how much THC is roaming around in a person, you have to do a blood test. I would like to modestly propose some additions to the standard field sobriety tests that might help police officers decide if a person is too high to drive without having to resort to a blood test. If the subject exclaims "Oh wow, man!" in response to any of the following, that person is too high to drive.

  • Offer the person some chocolate chip cookies, a Hershey bar, potato chips, pizza, and/or Pop Tarts.
  • Play anything by Pink Floyd, but preferably Umma Gumma.
  • Show a clip from 2001, A Space Odyssey.
  • Show the person the doobie tucked behind his/her ear. (Not applicable in all cases.)
  • Ask the person to consider the possibility that the entire known universe is wholly contained within the thumbnail of a superior being.

Any other suggestions?