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The Music Month

Ten Things I've Done in the Last Month

Well, that was a nice, long break, wasn't it? Let's ease back into the swing of things with ten things I did in the last month.

  1. I had my first followup visit with my oncologist. Watchful waiting is still the order of the day -- yay! I'll be getting another suite of CT scans in April to check on the state of my lymph nodes. If all is well, the next checkup will be in six months. If I start having symptoms, however, all bets are off. Symptoms include night sweats, extreme fatigue, and unexplained weight loss. Hmm. The last one doesn't sound so bad...
  2. We went to the second concert of our Lively Arts subscription at the local Community College -- an amazing jazz concert by the Aaron Diehl Quartet featuring Warren Wolf. Aaron Diehl plays piano; Warren Wolf plays vibraphone. A bassist and drummer completed the quartet. It was just wonderful. The vibraphone amplified and deepened the piano tone and made for a really, really rich sound. I'm really pleased by the quality of the shows we've seen; every single one has been excellent.
  3. I made a hardcover photobook of the photos from our trip to Ireland. I bought a copy for us and sent a copy to my sister as a surprise. She loved it!! I must say that I'm very pleased with Shutterfly. The book really exceeded my expectations.

    Thanks Shutterfly!

  4. I finished all of the damn Outlander books, including the novellas and Lord John series. Now I'm re-reading them; I've finished Outlander again and I'm halfway through Dragonfly in Amber. Also, I have been watching (and re-watching) the STARZ series. Hmm - obsessed much?
  5. Joe and I escaped the gray chill of Philadelphia and flew to Florida to visit his sister. The weather was perfect - high 70s. It was a glorious visit.
  6. While we in Florida, we ate some neat restaurants. My favorite places were Mulligan's Vero Beach, which is on the ocean in Vero Beach, and Capt. Hiram's, which is on the Indian River in Sebastian. The dive diner we found was pretty great too!

    Sitting in the shade at Mulligan's

    The View at Capt. Hiram's

  7. We also saw Lion while we were in Florida. What an amazing story! By the end, all three of us were snuffling and wiping our eyes.
  8. Joe gave me a lovely charm for my Pandora bracelet for Valentine's Day. I strung it on a silver chain to make a very nice necklace. (I may add others!) I gave him a big hug and kiss.
  9. I bought our airline tickets to Green Bay. Last year we flew into Milwaukee, rented a car, and drove up. It was a lot cheaper, even with the car. This year, after running the numbers six ways to Sunday, it turned out that flying into Green Bay was exactly one dollar cheaper. So Green Bay it is!
  10. Speaking of Green Bay, we decided on our contribution to the charity raffle: a bottle of Bluebird Distilling Rye and two of my mom's vintage crystal rocks glasses. I tell you, that's some class right there.