To Fitbit Or Not To Fitbit
Jazz in the Afternoon

Unexpected Nap


I took a long nap this afternoon, quite by accident. I say "by accident" because I did not plan to take a nap; it just happened.

Joe and I had lunch at a local tap room/sports bar. It was delicious! We watched Temple beat up on Navy and then came home to watch the Flyers game. I settled down in the recliner. Sometime during the game I closed my eyes and that, as they say, was that.

Occasionally I floated up toward consciousness -- enough to shut my yap or stick my hands in my sweater sleeves or turn my head. At one point I sensed that I had a cat in my lap; another time I sensed that Joe had draped a quilt over me. I don't remember dreaming anything; it was more like being just below the surface of ... something. Reality? Maybe. I floated along until my eyes opened of their own accord. The game was over; Joe was watching the Carbonaro Effect. I was a little too warm by then, so I un-reclined the recliner and got up to walk around, cool off, and get the fluff out of my head.

Then I cooked dinner.

Now I feel like I could easily go to bed. I suppose this tiredness goes along with recovering, but I'd really rather have some energy. Maybe tomorrow.