Christmas Eve To Do List
Super Mega!

The Best Present of All


And so we had Christmas!

Everything on the to-do list got done. Our train ride was smooth and relaxing -- orders of magnitude better than driving down I-95. Sonnyeboy picked us up and off we went to my sister's for the family Christmas Eve extravaganza. We had a great time, as usual!

Afterward, we went back to Baltimore and spent the night with SonnyeBoy. The next morning, SonnyeBoy drove us back home, where we celebrated Christmas with a delicious (if I do say so myself) roast chicken dinner and pumpkin pie. Then it was on to the presents!

SonnyeBoy gave us a Roku media streaming stick!! He also installed it. I must say, there's nothing like new technology to make me feel like a dope. Um, how do I enter my userid and password? How do I switch from Roku to FIOS? God. And I'm supposed to be technically savvy. Oh well, I know the answers now, so all is well and I'll be able to get there, pick a channel, watch a program or movie, and get back.

SonnyeBoy and I will brave the mall tomorrow to exchange a couple of gifts that are the wrong size. My comfy tunic from Joe and SonnyeBoy's PJ pants from us are a tad too big. (A Christmas miracle!) Today was a day for relaxing and simply being with each other, which is really the best present of all.