The Best Present of All
A Year Goes By Like Nothing

Super Mega!


My Pop always worked the daily crossword puzzle; he was good at it too. I've inherited his liking for crossword puzzles. Ever since we subscribed to the Sunday New York Times, I've been doing that puzzle. And yes, I cheat and google the clues I can't figure out. Sue me. I always try to do it without looking things up, but sometimes just looking up one answer will open the crossword floodgates.

Anyway, on Sunday the 18th, the Times published the Super Mega Puzzle, which is a 50 x 50, 728-clue puzzle. It took up two full broadsheet pages. I could not resist the challenge and started in on it that very day.

Here's the page of clues:

That's a lot of clues!

I worked on it in fits and starts. I had to fold it in quarters just to manage it. Finally, yesterday, I finished! Yes, I googled, and yes, I did it in ink (which is pretty obvious in places). I know it's hard to see clearly, so you'll just have to take my word for it. There's even more to it than just solving the puzzle, but I'm really too tired to deal with that just now. Maybe later!