A Year Goes By Like Nothing
A Year Goes By Like Nothing (Part 2)

It's Been A Quiet Week


Because I used up my paid time off for my surgery, I had to work this week -- okay, only these last three days, but I am not used to this. Normally I take off this week. It's been very quiet; apparently everyone else in the company did not use up their PTO.

Actually, our cube aisle was positively crowded -- three of us out of eight were in attendance. Of course, two of those eight got laid off just before Christmas. Yep, just before merry fucking Christmas. The leadership, of course, maintained that yes, it was ugly timing but there was no choice. I call shenanigans! Seriously, you couldn't wait two weeks? I will never understand that level of cold blooded business, which is why I will never be the CEO of a company. That, and the fact that I'm well past the sell-by date to be one.

Ah well.

Anyhow, it's been quiet. Every couple hours my coworker takes roll, which is pretty funny. I really don't have much to do; one project is out for review and the other two are pretty much done. So I have cleaned out my Outlook files, deleting stuff from canceled projects and finally sorting and filing my inbox. Then I requested some PTO for Weetacon, our anniversary, the day after Thanksgiving, and the week after Christmas. It works out to eight days of PTO and both floating holidays. That leaves 10 days in reserve -- hopefully for fabulous fun-time vacations! Or, you know, other stuff.

It's highly likely that I'll be the only person around my neck of the office tomorrow. If that's the case, I'm gonna go out to lunch, then make a brief return appearance. I'm thinking 2:00 would do it, yes?