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All the Books


On our last day in Dublin, we walked over to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. We had "skip the line" tickets -- I was really glad that I got them, too. The line was long and it was drizzling, so the fact that we could walk right up and go in was a real bonus, and kept us from succumbing to damp crabbiness.

Still, it was crowded. Trinity has set up the exhibit very well to keep the people moving. You don't just walk into a room and there's the book; there is a series of displays detailing the history, how the monks created the manuscript, and more. It's very well done. The Book of Kells itself is, of course, remarkable. Alas, photos were not allowed.

As I was looking at the manuscript, Joe came up to me and said, "Don't miss the Long Room. Go up those stairs." So I climbed the two flights up to the Long Room of the Old Library. It took my breath away.

Trinity College-Long Room 3

I was so glad that photos were allowed here. It's mindboggling.

Trinity College-Long Room 4
Books and Busts

 It might not hold all the books in the world, but it sure looks like it does!