These Cats Again
Christmas Past

All Better


I finally feel like me again. It took pretty much a full month to recover from my surgery, but when I did, it happened almost overnight.

I saw Doc H for my followup on November 29, at which point he said that all was well, I could drive, and I could start exercising again. I had already gone back to work, although I did take it rather easy by working at home. I went back to the office on the 28th.

So I thought I was all better! The weekend after my followup, I went for a short walk -- not quite a mile -- and felt pretty okay.

Then everything went to hell in a handbasket. My right side really started bothering me again. If I moved the wrong way, I felt a deep stinging, tearing type of pain; sneezing and coughing was torture. I could not get comfortable in bed and had to wake up to turn over very very carefully. I basically couldn't use my abdominal muscles without pain. It wasn't the surface incision. That's healing just fine. I'm sure it was the cut through the muscle underneath. 

Then, late last week, the pain and discomfort went away. Just like that. I can roll around in bed; I can get into and out of my tiny car just fine. I can even sneeze without pressing on my side. And today, I woke up and actually had some energy. I worked all day and was actually productive.

It's a Christmas miracle!