Singing Cows and Oh, So Much Chocolate!

One More Sleep

Yes, one more sleep until we leave for Ireland!

We spent this morning cleaning the apartment, because who wants to come home to a mess? Then we took the beasts to the vet for boarding. After lunch, we went on our usual ride around on this lovely day and ended up at REI, where we bought RFID-blocking passport and credit card sleeves.

We'll be ready to check in later this evening, once we return from a night out with the lovely and talented Michael and Maria Pratt to see June Rich and Christine Havrilla. I'm looking forward to that -- much better to be enjoying good music than to be twittering around the house in a last-minute dither. The dithering will resume in the morning, when we pack.

If God is love and Life is beautiful, my sister, brother-in-law, and niece will arrive around 1:00 and we'll head to the airport shortly thereafter. And then, after some hours of sitting idly in the airport, we will take off for Dublin!

Shall I bring you a shamrock?

After our return, I will have a biopsy done on an enlarged lymph node in my armpit.


Yes, well, it's like this. I had my yearly mammogram on September 9, Friday. On Monday, I got The Call, saying that I needed to come in so that they could get take more images and maybe do an ultrasound. Could I come in on Tuesday?

I stuffed my guts back up my butt, made the appointment, and did no work for the rest of the day.

Joe went with me the next day, God bless 'im.

Tish, the imaging tech, was lovely. She took three more mammo images and then showed me what was going on. I have an enlarged lymph node way up in my armpit. So hello, ultrasound! After waiting and waiting and waiting and running my phone out of juice from playing Angry Birds 2 because it was better than thinking, the radiologist came in and said that I had an enlarged lymph node in my armpit (I know! I know!) and it was probably nothing, but I needed to get a biopsy. Then she told me that my breast was fine -- it looked great, in fact. So I've got that goin' for me!

Okay! The nurse called the Breast Health Center right then and there so that I could make the appointment to talk to the surgeon, which I did.

Thursday I did just that. I like him. He was very kind, but straightforward. After examining me, he reassured me that 99% of enlarged lymph nodes are nothing. He told me how the biopsy's done and that he would call me with the news -- good or bad -- as soon as he knew.

The biopsy is next Wednesday. I am determined to not worry until I have something to worry about. I am, instead, concentrating on Ireland! One more sleep!

So keep a good thought, my friends, that we have a splendid time in Dublin, and that I am one of the 99%.